Did you know that all of your rentals from 'managed' brands are cleaned by Oxwash – a brand who provide sustainable dry cleaning services and aim is for clinically-clean, net zero carbon emissions from collection, through washing and back to delivery.

How Does It Work?

1. Disinfected water reclaimed from a previous rinse cycle is used again for the next wash cycle. This saves up to 60% of the water consumption versus a typical commercial washing machine and 70% compared to a domestic washing machine.

2. Microfibre filtration of the reclaimed water captures more than 95% of all the fibres shed during washing. This process prevents plastic pollution of our waterways and drinking water. One third of ALL ocean plastic are microfibres from our clothes, this has to stop.

3. Disinfection and sanitisation of the washing is performed using ozone and biodegradable chemistry. Generated using renewable electricity and oxygen from the air we breathe, ozone is an extremely powerful disinfecting agent.

4. Automated variable dosing of biodegradable detergent chemistry prevents surplus chemical usage. Chemical disinfectants increase the hygiene of the wash cycles for healthcare laundry whilst simultaneously preventing colour running.

Why Is Dry Cleaning So Important To HURR?

"Dry cleaning is an essential part of the HURR model and we are so excited to be partnering with Oxwash exclusively. To provide a sustainable, low-emission dry cleaning process is a game changer and a partnership we've been waiting for!" – Victoria Prew, Co-Founder & CEO of HURR.