Launched in 2020, Whering – the app that digitises your wardrobe – is a fast-growing success. We caught up with Bianca to see why she’s built the answer to our outfit dilemmas, the importance of loving what’s already in your wardrobe and of course, that iconic fashion movie moment which we’ve all been waiting to become reality. Well, wait no longer.


1. We Know Whering References The Wondrous Outfit-Chooser In Clueless But Did That Have Any Actual Influence Over Your Initial Idea?

Yes absolutely! I’ve been dreaming about it for years, wondering when someone was going to do it. The movie informed the app design and the creation of our signature Dress Me feature (I just couldn’t get that iconic scene off my mind!).

The Clueless reference aside, I founded Whering out of a profound desire to democratise the personal styling landscape and fundamentally change the way we interact with our clothes.

The vicious cycle of not being able to see what you own, impulse buying (never getting it quite right) and the lack of inspiration in the styling process meant only one thing, we had to take it digital and harness the power of machine learning to hyper-personalise our fashion experience.

2. Let’s Talk More About That Founding Objective…

For me the ‘I have nothing to wear’ dilemma felt universal and that sensation of being trapped in indecision only too familiar. In our view, part of the problem isn’t having nothing to wear but having nothing new to wear. This is why having a digital inventory is so key, as not only does it allow you to shop your own wardrobe to get that newness fix but helps you identify what you really need. We created Whering for millennial women who are excited to take back ownership of their fashion consumption and the way they dress.

3. Why Is Loving, Appreciating And Utilising What You Have In Your Wardrobe So Important To Whering?

Our mission is to extend the lifecycle of the millions of clothes lying idle in our wardrobes. We’re looking to help our Wherers drastically reduce their carbon and water footprint by focusing on the two parts of the value chain that they control: purchasing and utilisation. By allowing our users to digitise their wardrobe they can track their wears, fall back in love with their pieces and thus become true outfit repeaters.

4. What Is Your Most Loved Piece Of Clothing Or Accessory And Why?

My all-time favourite piece is a vintage Gucci bag my mother bought with her first real pay check (let’s not evaluate her priorities – she’s a bit of a Carrie). For me it’s the epitome of a timeless piece! In fact, it made quite a comeback in 2020 when Gucci re-issued that entire line and someone asked me if I had just bought it…which shows you if you look after something, it lasts!

5. You’ve Just Launched 2.0, Congrats! What New Features Are Available To Wherers?

Having a ‘Whering Essentials’ digital wardrobe is free and will always be free as we’re all about democratising the access to personal styling. With 2.0, we’ve added a ‘Whering VIP’ paid membership which will include extra features such as a calendar and weather integration for us busy gals, a mood board feature, a Wishlist and collections with a packing list…because being organised is 2021’s biggest wardrobe trend!

We Don’t Mean To Rush You, But What’s Next For 2021 And Beyond?!

The next big thing on our agenda is taking the app social! This would allow our Wherers to open up their closets to their friends, strategise on what the ‘collective’ will be wearing on their next outing, share outfits when they travel and swap things they no longer want. For us, creating a space where our users can engage, comment and purchase each other’s items is key to a truly experiential product.