Our CEO and co-founder, Victoria Prew, is here with the inside track on how to get started, her top tips and the most rentable brands to list. Let's get cracking...

Tip #1

If you've decided to take the plunge and make a wardrobe purchase (that you'll wear 30 times plus, don't forget), list it on HURR the moment it arrives. Any good buy should have a clear return on investment and the sooner you list it and begin renting, the sooner you’ll begin making your money back and more.

Tip #2

Before you decide which pieces in your wardrobe are worth listing, spend some time on our website or app scrolling through the “Just In” pieces. This should give you an idea about what’s “hot on HURR” right now - brands such as Rixo, House of Sunny and Peachy Den are go-tos.

Tip #3

The HURR community love to see how you style your wardrobe and imagine what the pieces could look like on them! So add as many photos as possible - UGC always performs best!

What are the most rentable brands on HURR?

Right now, The Vampire’s Wife, Staud, 16Arlington and Lirika Matoshi are renting like hot cakes.