Everything about Shah's world is colourful and joyous, a reflection of who she truly is and demonstrated by her reation of the #instarainbowchallenge and #colourmeupmonday. Take a peek inside her home and wardrobe below.

Describe your style in three words?

Super colourful, fun and love print! So, all of those things together.

What is your idea of the perfect wardrobe?

A perfectly curated collection of pieces that you can mix and match, some vintage and a great coat.

Favourite vintage piece?

I've got so many favourite vintage finds, I love shopping for vintage and also going out to find it is such a lovely experience - I feel like I'm looking for treasure! I've got a piece that I've bought recently it's a Moschino twinset that is incredible, it's knitted and it's in such good condition. There's a little cardigan with flowers on and a little top that's just so cute.

Go-to party look?

Always a dress! I'm such a dress girl. I've got an assortment of long, midi dresses that are printed - they're very prairie style - that I just think work perfectly dressed up or dressed down.

Pick up any piece and tell us its story.

I've got this gorgeous prairie dress and I just fell in love with is when I saw it. There's a vintage shop really local to me called Paper Dress Vintage and they had this up on thee mannequin in the window. I saw it up there from across the road and I ran over and thought, [it would never] fit me but it's such a beautiful print, so I tried it on and it was [actually] the most perfect fit, colour and such good quality. You know when you just find something that is so 'you' and so perfect?!

Can you tell us one sustainable fashion tip?

Really think about whether you need versus want something new. I've been trying really hard to shop my own wardrobe first to see which lovely pieces I've forgotten about and really think whether I need that new Zara piece that everyone's wearing or simply want it. After sleeping on it, often I'll come back and think 'I don't need that, I just wanted it because everyone else has it'.