With a kaleidoscopic wardrobe filled to the bring with unique vintage finds, cool indie brands and cult pieces from the likes of Ganni and Gucci, Thomas' coveted wardrobe is one we (along with her 121K Instagram followers) have long admired - and we couldn't wait to get to know it IRL.

We spoke to Thomas about her unrivalled personal style and her expert tips for shopping vintage.

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How would you describe your style in three words?

Fun, colourful and girlie!

What does your perfect wardrobe look like?

In my perfect wardrobe there'd be a lot of prints, patterns, feathers, puffed sleeves, Gucci and - of course - a load of one-off vintage pieces.

Sara Louise Thomas wearing The Vampire's Wife

What do you love the most about vintage fashion?

I love that everything is a one-off piece, you're not going to bump into anyone in the street wearing the same thing as you and everything is really fun and it's also very well made as well.

Close-up of Gucci mules

What inspired you to start Waiste Vintage?

I just loved hunting for vintage! I loved going around car boots, charity shop, vintage wholesalers and I love styling it up in a way that's modern and accessible for everyone. So from there I started my website, WAISTE.CO.UK, and now I also have a shop in Brighton with the same name.

Sara's Waiste Vintage store shopfront in Brighton

What are your top tips for finding vintage gems?

Always try things on! Never go by labels because the sizing is always wrong as shapes and cuts have changed over the years. Make sure it's in really good condition and check all of the fabrics, however, if you really love something and it does need repairing you can always get it mended or tailored to you to create a unique piece.

Sara Louise Thomas wearing Olivia Rose The Label

What are you most excited about renting on HURR?

I love the fact that someone else is going to get the chance to wear all of the fun pieces in my wardrobe. It's really nice to share stuff and you can rent pieces you wouldn't usually buy to try out as well.

‍I get loads of DMs and questions about my Molby dresses, so I'm really excited for people to rent them and see how they fit.

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