As a content creator and team member at LTK, India knows what’s good when it comes to fashion. As one of our star lenders, we took one peek at the pieces she’s listed on HURR and knew we had to pay a visit to her wardrobe.

Describe your style in three words?

Chic and elevated but still wearable.

What is your idea of the perfect wardrobe?

One which is filled with pieces that you absolutely love. I love wearing my wardrobe all year round and making sure everything feels great and that it's stuff I get really excited to wear.


Favourite piece of clothing?

Probably this Loveshackfancy dress, I got it when I was in the US and the first time I wore it was on holiday to Australia. It was my birthday and my sister and I were getting up to watch the sunrise on Bondi beach and had greasy hair, no make-up on and it just made me feel amazing. I get so excited to wear it in the summer and now I'm starting to wear it in the winter too with a cardigan and some gym leggings hidden underneath as well.


Go-to party look?

A show-stopping dress either from my own wardrobe or [rented from] HURR. I've got a bit of a thing for dresses as well as designer heels so definitely a combination of those two and then a mini bag to go with – I'm loving the kind of 90s vibe at the moment. Then I'd probably have my hair up, some quote simple make-up and some big gold hoop earrings.

Pick up any piece and tell us its story.

I'm going to tell you about is a dress from Zimmermann, that I bought on that Australia trip I previously mentioned. Zimmermann is quote expensive here but  in Australia it's much better value, I definitely wasn't planning on buying anything but my friend dragged me into the shop and I found the perfect dress it was just such a gorgeous, timeless shape and I love wearing it whether that's on the beach or for a wedding.


Can you tell us one sustainable fashion tip?

Really make your wardrobe work hard and only buy things that you absolutely love. I try to wear my clothes all year round whether that's by layering them up or wearing them without tights for example in the summer. You'll often find me with a secret thermal or cardigan, gym leggings, tights, whatever it is but I love really wearing everything.

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