As the creative genius behind one of our most popular partner brands on HURR, we've long admired Longe's philosophy behind her brand—infusing confidence through colour, volume and crafted silhouettes—so we were so excited to get to know more about her.

We spoke to Longe about her incredible personal style (that shoe collection!) and what she's wearing now that we can get dressed and go out out again.

Video: Isabella Rider

Describe your style in three words.

That's the most difficult thing ever! For now, I just really love colour, I love statement pieces, a lot of volume, I love shape, structure...I just love maximalism!

What's your idea of a perfect wardrobe?

It's made up of beautiful statement pieces and everyday things, but really good quality. Not too much, just a nice edit.

What's your ideal outfit for a night out?

I like a tiny little, barely there dress, the Gaia dress if it's something fancier...or vintage Jean Paul Gaultier.

Favourite designer?


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