A huge step in our ongoing mission to transform the fashion industry and help make fashion circular, one rental at a time.

To celebrate a brighter future, we're giving you £10 off your next rental using 'BCORP10'.

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B Corp is a highly demanding certification that evaluates our social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

The process involves over 300 questions analysing the entire HURR business.

It’s 2022 and the fashion industry needs to radically change.

At the forefront of the rental revolution, B Corp demonstrates we care as much about the planet as we do for our people and our profit.

To become a B Corp™ you must undergo an independent assessment to determine how you treat people and the planet. These included our exclusive partnership with Oxwash who are re-engineering the laundry process from the ground up, measuring our carbon footprint with CoGo, our circular collaboration with Depop and launching our own resale with 'Keep It Forever'.